How Is Fair Trade Coffee Determined?

We’ve all seen the “fair trade coffee” certification on coffees, and even have a rough idea of what they are. But, other than roughly knowing it is better for the coffee farmers, what do we really know?

What does it take to get that certification?

To fully understand the fair trade certification, you need ((continued))

Protein and Amino Acids In Coffee — The Inner Components of Coffee And What Each of Them Does

When asked, most people recognize that coffee has lots of health benefits. If you didn’t know that, well, now is your time to celebrate.

Some people wonder whether this is because coffee has protein in it (especially since we did a blog about a caffeinated protein shake recipe).

It may surprise people, but ((continued))

How To Better Smell Your Foods and Drinks

Most people know that taste and smell are closely aligned. And, many people talk about how to properly taste food (us included here), and vaguely give tips about smelling.

Those tips for smelling your food before eating it generally just revolve around actually doing it and being conscious of it. But how can you enhance that experience even further?

Well, there are a few ways:

Clear Coffee Is Officially A Thing

Slovak company CLRCFF has launched a clear coffee. Yes, you heard correctly. A clear coffee.


With recent press from Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, and some major media outlets it is starting to gain some momentum.

The drink is advertised to be coffee that does not stain your teeth. Which sounds pretty awesome in and of itself. They also loudly market that it does not have any sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, or stabilizers (whatever a stabilizer is supposed to be) {{…continued…}}

The World’s 3 Craziest Coffees From Animals

There are over 7 billion people on this planet. When you deal with such astronomically large, virtually incomprehensible numbers, what seems like the weirdest and most strange things you think nobody could possibly like, actually end up having quite the following. And, when you consider that coffee is the world’s most popular drug, well, there should be no surprise that there are some very peculiar coffees out there. We’ve compiled the best (or worst, depending on your level of coffee adventurousness), and detail the unique roles that the animal kingdom plays in bringing these unique coffees to life.