Today, interior design has found another inspiration and that is to combine two or more styles in order to create the most impressive pieces of furniture out there. The main focal point of every living room or even your own home office should be a coffee table, especially if you are a coffee lover like myself. Here are some incredible ideas for cool coffee tables which will leave your customers breathless.

  1. Foosball coffee table


The first coffee table I will present to you is the Chicago Gaming Foosball Coffee Table. The table looks amazing and you can even play foosball on it. It is made from solid wood with special brown shine which gives it the dose of elegance. The table surface is made from tempered glass so the field is protected from spills. Just imagine, you have to wait for somebody to come and have no idea what to do? Just play a match or two until they come.

  1. Ocean Abyss coffee table


This is for people who adore oceans. You can lose yourself in exploring the shades of blue and turquoise in this table while you are waiting for your coffee to come. The coffee table represents the cross-section of the ocean with shallow and deep parts. The base is made from wood while the ocean is made from colored glass. This amazing “Under the Sea” table was made by the Duffy London and it will definitely stand out in the room.

  1. Old Whiskey Barrel coffee table

whiskey barrel coffee table

I love this table because it is made for the man cave. I love the fact that you can lift the table surface and it turns into a storage as well. After all, it is an old whiskey barrel. It looks amazing with its rustic design, although I can imagine myself drinking whiskey and not coffee. Maybe a combination?

  1. Aquarium coffee table


Just like this ocean coffee table we mentioned in the beginning, although better because you can put real fish inside, especially goldfish as they can impress your clients with their color. It is not hard to make or hard to maintain. All you need is a tempered glass over the specially made aquarium and lots of fish. Just, don’t blame me when you find yourself exploring the aquarium instead of working!

  1. Nar – the Bookshelf Coffee Table


Now, this is the design which is absolutely amazing. The table consists of a grid where you can put your books and two smaller surfaces you can slide over the grid. The entire bookshelf/coffee table is one big bookmark as you can hang the book on the page you stopped reading.The table is made from metal so the accent can be on the books and the table surface and not on the grid.  Extremely useful design with a special WOW effect it can leave on anyone who sees it.