Korea definitely has a unique culture and diverse array of food choices.  I personally lived there for over a year, and think that it is great to see their entertainment and food also now making its way to the US.

Some Korean foods Americans would definitely think are strange (some of them are weird even to local Koreans).  But, there is a lot out there that we should really latch onto when we find them in the stores.

If you are wondering where you can even find Korean foods, search your area for H-Mart, Korean grocers, or a World Market.

Here’s your top 5 list of Korean foods you should snag next time you see them:

1) Chocopie


Chocopies are delicious.  They are essentially like a s’mores sandwich that has been dipped in chocolate and served in Heaven.  You get the marshmallowy center, surrounded by 2 layers of a vanilla cake, all covered in chocolate.


It’s very similar to moon pies, except for a more cakey and soft flavor and texture with it.

These Chocopies are so tasty, that CNN wrote a report about they are highly prized on the North Korean Black Market.  North Korea blocks them, and what is normally a 50 cent treat goes for $10 across the North Korean border.  And, if you think that sounds pricey, keep in mind that the average North Korean earns roughly $1000 per year.

2) Waffle Mate


Although intended as a type of portable waffle, which in and of itself is genius, I personally like this for its similarities to stroopwafels.


Stroopwafels, for those unfamiliar, is ranked internationally as one of the best coffee and snack combinations.  It’s a mini waffle-like snack that goes on top of your coffee, or that gets dipped into it.

If you have a coffee with a maple hint to it, that is perfect.  Try flavoring your coffee with brown sugar or molasses and this will turn into a real waffley breakfast treat.

It is delicious, and you should snag this portable waffle from Korea for no other reason than portable waffles and coffee sound amazing.

3) Pepero


If you have not heard of or tried Pepero, your life is unfulfilled.  Pepero is a cookie stick that gets dipped into chocolate and other items.  You can have Peperos with everything from nuts to peanut butter to tiramisu to yogurt, and more.  The flavors are as diverse and tasty as they are seemingly limitless.


In most American markets you are likely to only find the traditional Pepero with chocolate.  This is the most common version.  If you find anything else, you need to snag them all immediately, and then demand that your grocery store stocks more.

4) Melona Ice Cream Bars


Melona are pushing their way into select US retailers, but they are pretty new (as evidenced by their basic looking English website).  But, they are tasty nonetheless.

You might think it is strange to have an ice cream popsicle bar with coffee, but you have never lived then, my friend.  Try their strawberry flavored one with a coffee that has berry hints, or their banana flavored one with your more traditional coffee flavors, and you will be happy that you did.

Coffee, whether iced or traditional, around lunchtime in the sun, goes great with this.

5) Lotte Kancho Choco Biscuits


I have yet to find these since I’ve been back in the US, so you may have to keep your eyes peeled (Lotte everything is becoming more and more popular).  This is essentially a portable cake cookie with chocolate on the inside.


You get the deliciousness of chocolate without worrying about it melting or getting ruined.  Because, lets face it, M&Ms may not melt in your hand, but they definitely get their coloring everywhere.  And, besides, a cookie/cake exterior is much yummier to begin with.

Do you think there are any foods that we missed?  If you are curious and want to see other delicious Korean snacks and foods, check out this link, or this link.

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