Amazon has pretty much taken over the world when it comes to ecommerce. But, the only thing that keeps me from being on there 24/7 is that it can be tough to find new up and coming items. Well, being a coffee-based website, we decided to scour the web for you and put together this Amazon coffee gift list for you. We hope you find a gift that is perfect for the coffee lover on your gift list.

1) Handmade Costa Rican Chorreador

Recently one of our founders went on vacation to Costa Rica to check out the coffee scene first hand. While on some coffee tours, one thing immediately stood out: the chorreador. A Chorreador is essentially a foldable wooden coffee maker, and most of the ones in Costa Rica were handmade. And, though maybe tough to find on Amazon, we stumbled across a great chorreador here. Essentially the way it works is that there is a washable cloth that acts as a coffee filter. You put the ground coffee in the filter with a cup or a pot underneath. Then, simply pour hot water through it. It works similarly to a Chemex. With a chorreador like this, you are more likely to get a big wow from whoever you gift this to. Plus, whoever enters their kitchen and sees it will notice it as well. For $49.99 it is a coffeemaker that won’t soon be forgotten.

2) Gold Ice Cubes

Premium gold ice cubes? You might be wondering what the heck that even is. Well, these are essentially dual purpose whiskey stones with an interesting look and a definite wow factor. For those of you unfamiliar with whiskey stones, you are able to put them in the freezer and then use them like ice cubes to keep your drinks cooler for longer but without watering it down with melting ice. And, yes, this could be used with iced coffees, but the true hidden secret about whiskey stones is that they can also keep hot drinks warmer for longer too. By placing these gold ice cubes into a hot drink they absorb the heat making it easier to drink without burning your lips on your hot coffee, and then as the coffee starts to cool down the hot stones keep the heat going for even longer. And, no, these are not toxic, so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong. On Amazon you can grab these for under 20 bucks, and you even get a nice display, and silicon tipped tongs so that they don’t scratch. Any coffee lover would love this gift, especially if they entertain and have the occasional drink!

3) Match Made Coffee

Match Made Coffee is a newcomer to Amazon. For those of you unfamiliar, it is a gift box that comes with two small batch craft coffees and two gourmet cookies. The great thing about it though is that the coffee and cookies are designed to bring out the flavors of one another. This works just like certain fancy wines and cheeses go together. It is a definitely unique experience and is really based around being able to deliver a memorable time for any coffee lover. Match Made Coffee goes for just $19.95 per box, or you can prepay to send 3 or 6 boxes. If you prepay, 1 box will be sent per month for however many months you purchase. Plus, each month will have new and different flavors to experience.

4) Cafe Stencil Set

For the artistic coffee lovers on your gift list, look no further than this amazing 39 piece stencil set. Your gift recipient will be able to make fancy, coffeehouse quality designs on their coffees in no time. Simply place one of the stencils on top, shake out some chocolate powder or something else on top, and voila! This would also be great if your coffee lover is a baker, as they can decorate the tops of cakes and other baked goods in a similar manner. For under 10 bucks, this is yet another great amazon coffee gift.

Do you have any other thoughts or ideas for unique amazon coffee gifts? Have you perhaps received an excellent coffee gift that stood out from the rest? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook or here in the comments. Thanks, you lovely people!

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