Although Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest, if not the biggest, online shopping destination, Amazon subscription boxes can be hard to find. Amazon offers the “subscribe and save” button on lots of pages, but that is pretty much for restocking your toothpaste and other stuff. How do you find good subscription boxes on Amazon if you don’t know what they are already? Or, can that even be done? Well, today, we will unearth a couple hidden subscription box gems on Amazon.

1) GQ Best Stuff Box

GQ has long been known by men everywhere as the place to go if you want to up your level of coolness. In the past this simply meant subscribing to their magazine and being left on your own to purchase any cool items. But, now you can have your own GQ curated box delivered to your doorstep quarterly (I wonder if that’s an intentional nod to GQ standing for Gentleman’s Quarterly originally, and thus deliver their boxes each quarter too). Either way, we all either know a male in our life that could stand to benefit from the latest items for guys, or are one, so take a deeper look at this Amazon subscription box here.

2) Bitsbox

amazon subscription box Bitsbox

Bitsbox is a unique subscription box idea geared towards kids ages 6-12 that might enjoy learning to code. This delightful box makes computer coding and education fun. The great thing is it does not require any previous programming knowledge either. It is a fantastic idea because we all know that computers and coding is going to keep gaining momentum into the future. So you might as well start your kid off on the right foot and order today.

3) Cocotique

We all know that women’s beauty boxes are popular and taking off like no other. Unfortunately, most of these boxes are not inclusive for women of color. In steps Cocotique to take care of this problem. This box comes with 5-8 items each month that are geared towards the hair, skin, and makeup for colored women. If this is you, or somebody you know, head over to Amazon here and take a look.

4) Bunny James Fitness Box

Bunny James is a brand with a whole bunch of neat subscription boxes. The fitness box is the one that really stood out to us though. This is a high protein, healthy energy on-the-go kind of a box. It is really great for any athletic person in your life. All of the items are organic, non-GMO, low sugar, and a mixture of savory and sweet. Each gym day wouldn’t be complete without grabbing one of their items beforehand for a nice energy rush. Be sure to check them out.

5) Match Made Coffee

Coffee lover enjoying a gourmet cookie

Match Made Coffee recently made its debut on Amazon. This box will definitely spoil any coffee lover. Two small-batch craft coffee flavors and two gourmet cookies that are flavor-paired come in each box. They bring out the best flavors of each and make it one unique experience all around. Lots of people like their coffee, and lots of people like their snacks, but nobody has had quite the coffee and cookie experience Match Made Coffee promises. That is unless you grab it here and see for yourself.

Have you grabbed any subscriptions off of Amazon just yet? If so, let us know. We also talk about some other great coffee lover gifts on Amazon here, if you find yourself looking for such a thing.