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Do people drink coffee and eat snacks in your community?  Do you want to be a brand ambassador for a program where you do the work once, and you keep collecting money all year round?



You’ve come to the right place! Match Made Coffee has flipped the best brand ambassador programs on their heads.  Match Made Coffee solves all of the ordinary problems of raising money as a brand ambassador in a new, fun, and effortless way.



Too many organizations approach things the wrong way:
  • Doing the same old brand ambassador program every year
  • Asking the brand ambassador’s supporters to pay more for a product than they normally would
  • Only getting paid once per customer


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As a Match Made Coffee brand ambassador you are offering a fantastic new product that people already want: coffee and snacks.

If you have ever been to a local Starbucks and seen a line with people clamoring for $5 coffees and scones, you know what we mean.

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Each subscription will cost the same as if your base subscribed directly with us.  We create a unique brand ambassador coupon code to insure proper credit is due, as well as special tracking links.

You can sell anywhere!



And the best part?

Our subscription model means that not only do your supporters receive a monthly indulgence of coffee and cookie pairings, but our brand ambassadors continue to get paid a portion of each monthly renewal.

We help people achieve their financial goals!

  • Receive custom links and coupon codes
  • We bring Brand Ambassadors into the 21st century with online ordering and tracking, fast deliveries, and done-for-you customer service.


Match Made Coffee’s Best Brand Ambassador Programs provide that.

We help build communities up.  Let us become a part of yours.

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