An interesting study posted in the international research journal Appetite, and posted on the site, has been finding interesting correlations between preferred flavors and personality traits.


Ah, there we go. I’ve isolated the jerk gene in this coffee bean

So, if you are a black coffee drinker like I am, perhaps you will find it interesting that from a rather large sample size of nearly 1000 people, they found heavy correlations between those who have bitter foods and those who are psychopathic.

Those who prefer bitter flavors had an overall correlation with antisocial personality behaviors.  However, sadism (taking pleasure in the pain of others) had the biggest correlation of them all.


In a related study, almost unsurprisingly, it was found that those who prefer bitter flavors were also more likely to have hostile personalities.

It is important to point out that first, this is for bitter flavors in general.  So, those who also like craft beer IPAs (eep… also me), radishes, grapefruits, and the like are tossed into this group as well.

Here are some examples:


And, keep in mind, correlation does not equal causation.  It is interesting to wonder if harsh, antisocial personalities tend to seek out flavors that are discomforting to an extent.  Or to wonder if repressing those discomforting flavors eventually leads to not wanting to deal with others.  Or any other host of unrelated reasons that might be the true cause.

In another study it was found that those who prefer sweet flavors also have nice, pro-social personalities.


Strawberry Shortcake always found herself happy… that is, until the diabetes.

I find it particularly interesting that this must be intuitive to us as a society somehow, because those with “sweet personalities” are considered friendly, while those with personalities described as bitter, tend to be harsher.

And, the moral of the story?  Well, we think it’s to make sure that you have snacks with your coffee.  We’ve got you covered there.

And thank you to Indy100 for showing us this topic.