Being in the coffee world, I see all sorts of cool coffee related stuff.  This can range from super expensive aged Japanese coffee to really horrible celebrity coffee advice. But, one things that seemed to always be steady, unchanging, and boring, were my coffee pots themselves.  So, I decided to embark on a mission to find cool coffee pots.

And find cool coffee pots I did.

Lots of the coolest coffee pots seemed to be tied to an unusual brewing method. So, check em out:

1) Bodum Vacuum Coffee Maker and Coffee Pot in One

This fancy coffee pot works without a filter. Simply by using steam and pressure, boiling water in a bottom holding cell mixes with the coffee grounds in another holding area above it.  The steamed water goes into the coffee and drains back down.

2) Cocoon Coffee Pot

cool coffee pot cocoon coffee pot

Most coffee pots heat from the bottom and can burn coffee or have uneven heating.  Not this coffee pot designed by Jan Konig.  This coffee pot has the outer pot heated by the traditional hot plate. But, this heats the air that is surrounding the inner pot.  The coffee in the inner pot can avoid burning, while heating more evenly and thoroughly.

3) Roaster Grinder Brewer

cool coffee pot roaster grinder brewer

Roaster Grinder Brewer does it all.  It is not just a coffee pot.  You first start by roasting 50 green coffee beans yourself.  Then, you grind them using the same mechanism.  And, finally, you brew your own coffee with the pour over method, where it is held also as a coffee pot.  This is all done within this single, awesome device.

4) Siphoning Coffee Pot

cool coffee pots for siphoning

The coffee pot by Kendal itself isn’t as cool as the whole contraption here.  Looking like it came straight from steam punk Heaven, this coffee maker and coffee pot combo will definitely catch some attention.  As the coffee brews on the right side and its temperature rises, coffee vapor goes into the tube.  The tube is further away from the heat source and is surrounded by cooler air, causing the coffee vapor to turn back into liquid coffee, falling into the coffee pot.  Hooray science!

5) Coffee Pot By Bruer For Slow Drip Cold Brewing

cool coffee pots cold brew

This coffee pot is especially build to have a nice and slow cold brew coffee.  Bruer designed this for ice and cold water from above drips into the coffee grounds, which slowly drips into the coffee pot.  It’ll take lots of time, but you will be left with some nice cold brewed and home brewed coffee.