For most people, their crazy morning rituals only consist of chugging coffee to get a kick start to their day.

But, is there a trick?  Could it backfire?  Are there other ways that could help launch your mornings into overdrive?

For those looking to feel better in the morning so that it carries over into having an overall better and more invigorating day, read these 4 crazy morning rituals!

1) Jump out of bed in the morning!

We’re going to go ahead and put the most difficult (and, consequently, least likely piece of advice for you to take) right at the top of the list.

There is plenty of evidence piling up that actions influence your body chemistry and actually change how you feel (Amy Cuddy gives an excellent talk on the matter here).

Tony Robbins has long advocated similarly.  Do you want to get pumped up?  Pound your chest and shout in a way that would do that.  Want to feel confident?  Put your hands on your hips and puff your chest out and lift your chin high and just wait a couple minutes.

And, do you want to have an active, happy day?  Skip the snooze button, launch your body out of bed, and stand as quickly as possible.  Do push ups if you have to.

You’ll inevitably feel different, with any of those above mentioned scenarios.

It is not really that crazy of a thing when you think about it, but the fact that you are uncomfortable thinking about doing it means it definitely is one of our more interesting crazy morning rituals.

And, if we are still being honest with each other, the real reason you might not implement this is because of that little voice in your head that makes you second guess yourself, which you know that you can easily overcome.

Make your day strong by popping out of bed.  Or, make your day weak by hitting your snooze and letting out an exasperated, negative groan to start the day.

Either way you have crazy morning rituals, so you might as well choose the positive one.

…As if that 10 minutes of sleep was going to make that much of a difference anyways.

2) Laugh hysterically without cause

Okay, I lied when I said that the first item might be the toughest of our crazy morning rituals list.  You might actually feel that you are going insane when you do this.  And, in fact, anyone within earshot might think you are insane when you do this (I do one minute straight of this first thing on my morning commute when I’m pulling out of my neighborhood to minimize weirdness and the odds of being seen or overheard).

But, it is also inline with the same Tony Robbins/Amy Cuddy advice.

Adult humans laugh an absurdly low amount.  If Psychology Today’s blog on the matter is to be believed, not only do adults laugh much less frequently, but laughter itself is recognized as a reducer of stress and an enhancer of endorphins that make you feel good.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start your day with minimal stress and maximal natural good feelings?

I did this laughing exercise in the past, let it slip away from awhile, and when I noticed my mornings over the last few years were missing something, I decided to start this up again.  Although I do not notice as much of an immediate benefit aside from avoiding the onset of tiredness and potentially negative thoughts, I do feel a lot better throughout the day and attribute it to this.

Try it and see.  These laughing yoga classes, though seemingly insane, can’t be catching on for no reason, after all.

3) Be grateful

Mind over matter- if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.  It is hard to mind the difficult things in life if you start your day by loading your brain with everything that is good in the world.

This is not so much a crazy morning ritual as it is sound advice that you are unlikely to do because you are crazy to your core.

Take three minutes on your morning commute with the radio off, and rattle off as many random things as you can that you are happy for in the world.

It can be something as simple as the fact that the sky looks cool that morning, or that the heater works in your car, or that you have all of your fingers and toes.

The point of this exercise is not to limit yourself to the big things, but to flood your brain with so many little good things that you only have goodness going through your train of thoughts.

Harvard even talks about how being grateful can make you happier.

It is so easy for us to start our day worrying or rushing out of the house and letting the bad thoughts continue, that something so easy as talking to yourself about what you are grateful for can easily reset your perspective.

4) The toughest of the crazy morning rituals: Wait two hours before drinking coffee in the morning

We all love coffee here, since we are a coffee based subscription service after all.  But, there is a way to get the most out of your love for this delectable drink.

We mentioned before that caffeine works by being the same shape as a chemical in the body that makes you feel tired, and filling up the spot where it would fit to make your brain realize that it is tired.

What your body normally does when you wake up is start to release a cocktail of bodily chemicals to perk you up.  If you introduce caffeine into this natural process, your body will start to produce less of those other chemicals because it got tricked.

Then, what happens after that, is that you want even more caffeine, because your body did not actually have enough of the chemicals it needed to kick start everything; and this just creates a vicious circle.

So, give yourself two hours to let your body do its thing, and then have your coffee afterwards.  It might be a little bit tough at first, but ultimately you will be more pepped in the morning, and doubly pepped when you have your coffee later on.

What do you guys think?  Are these too hard?  Too crazy?  Do you have your own morning rituals to stand by?  We would love to hear them.