IMG_9772This month’s pairing is from the a small-batch coffee roaster at the base of Mt. Whitney. Their coffee beans are purchased on micro lots across the globe, making each roast a unique experience that you can’t buy at any big box store. Sit back and enjoy sipping these delicious coffees from Mt. Whitney Coffee Roasters along with their accompanying snack for the peak pairing experience!

Pairing 1: Costa Rica Tarrazu + Waffle Cookie

The Costa Rica Tarrazu is a flavorful light-medium roast that offers a bouquet of floral and cherry tones. The unique profile is very tea-like with a sweet and smooth finish. Pairing this roast with an Italian waffle cookie makes it the ideal afternoon treat.

The lightness of this coffee makes it the perfect roast to test your coffee-tasting palate on. The waffle cookie is paired to not detract from the flavors but contribute a base that makes the flavor notes more detectable. Do you taste the grape too? 

Pairing 2: Honduras Cristian Rodriguez + Plantain Chips 

This medium roasted Honduran coffee is the pride an joy of the namesake grower, which you can easily taste why. It boasts a balanced acidity with nutty and banana notes that become the highlight when paired with the naturally sweet plantain chips.

Don’t you just LOVE a well-balanced roast? This Honduran coffee has been roasted to have a great balance of body and acidity, making it drinkable by the gallon in my opinion. When I first tasted the banana nut flavor notes I immediately went on the search for a perfect plantain chip to taste test it with. It’s unusual to find the perfect pairing right out of the gate, but this treat perfectly highlights the delicious notes of the coffee. 

Pairing 3: Cathedral Peak + Chocolate Orange Biscuit

A medium roasted blend roasted to be as enjoyable as watching a sunset over Cathedral Peak in Yosemite, the silky flavors of cane sugar and citrus hit the mark. Pair this with a couple chocolate orange biscuits for peak enjoyment.

When you’re in the mood for a little indulgence, this pairing will hit the spot. This particular blend hosts an array of notes to draw in  with every sip. Lean back in your chair, prop up your feet and experience the the sweet and smooth flavor combinations in this pairing.

Happy Coffee Pairing!