So you know you want to give a gift, and you know that gift recipient likes coffee. But, what new and different things are out there in this category? We searched far and wide for these finds, saving you the time. Here’s our list of cute coffee gift ideas that’ll blow you out of the water.

1) Coffee Mug Tree

Coffee lovers tend to have lots of coffee mugs. This is because people know they appreciate coffee but don’t take the time to research cute coffee gift ideas like you do. This leads those poor souls to inevitably buy a coffee mug, which just gets added to the coffee lover’s collection. This farmhouse style coffee mug tree plays into this reality and gives the coffee lover a way to beautifully display their coffee mugs. This will add a touch of class that any coffee lover would instantly fall for. This bestseller by ABWframes goes for $39.99 and will definitely be a hit.

2) Iced Coffee Cozy

If you know any iced coffee drinkers, look no further. This is the gift for you. We all know about using a cozy for sodas and beers in cans. But what about iced coffee? You want to be able to keep the condensation off of your hand, keep your hand warm, and make a fashion statement. All 3 can be done with this “howling at the moon” iced coffee cozy by PrairieSleeveCo. Grab one today, as they come in limited supplies because they are only $15 and are amazing.

3) Coffee and cookie pairing subscription

Coffee lover enjoying a gourmet cookie

You’ve almost certainly heard of having special wine and cheese combinations that make amazing flavors. But, have you ever heard of coffee and cookies that do the same thing? This Amazon favorite can be purchased as a one-off box, or in a subscription fashion if you prepay for 3 or 6 months. Then it is like you are giving a surprise gift for your gift recipient. It’ll astound them! This will be especially so when they get new flavor pairs each month.

4) A Coffee Table Made of Reclaimed Wood

I’ve started to see raw, wooden tables like this all over, and have always thought they were really cool looking. There’s something extra attractive about having a solid, beautiful, and natural piece of wood in the house. The only problem when I came across these things elsewhere was that a) they were super expensive, and b) they were too huge to be practical for most people. For just a couple hundred bucks on Etsy you’ll be able to get a gift that will make a huge impression. Whoever receives this gift from Makarios Decor is going to have visitors commenting on it for years to come.

Did we miss anything? We’re always looking for great ideas to add to our lists. If you have any cute coffee gift ideas, we’d love to hear them. Leave a comment here, or message us on Facebook, or Instagram.

And, we have covered all sorts of other coffee gift ideas that you can explore, if none of these were quite right for you.