Cheap fast food restaurants are one thing.  But, coffee served on flights is a whole separate issue, right?

After all, many of us worked in fast food in our younger days and cannot come back to eat at that same restaurant.  We just know too much about what goes on back there.  But, what about airplane foods and drinks? More importantly, what about coffee served on flights?

It is easier for us to be ignorant to all of the other restaurants that we frequent however.  We just want to go out, enjoy our time, and not think about the potentially gross stuff going on and how we can avoid it.

Until recently, the food and drinks served on a plane were the same for me.

However, despite being a coffee and tea lover, I do not think I can bring myself to consume one on a plane ever again.  At least until conditions significantly improve.

So, what is it exactly that makes coffee and tea particularly bad?

Anything with hot water comes from the tap and not from bottled water there.  Which, in and of itself, is not all that bad.

What is bad, however, is that 1 in 8 planes failed the EPA test for water safety.

What is crazy about this is that back in 2004 when airlines were failing their water safety tests, they agreed to certain standards.

And do you know what was not part of those new EPA standards?  The truck that delivers the water to the airplanes.  A study found that it is these trucks, and not the airplane storage tanks, that make the water unclean now.

In 2004 13% of the 158 airplanes tested had coliform, and 2 even had e. coli.  So, this was far beyond just a funky taste or something.  These are serious bugs.  Coliform typically comes from feces and is used as an indicator of dangerous organisms being present in water.

So, what should you do next time you are on a plane?  Are you immuno-compromised, pregnant, or breast feeding?  If so, it is probably best to avoid coffee served on flights.  Otherwise, if you are feeling lucky, consider asking for a new pot of coffee brewed from a water bottle.

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