If you’re unfamiliar, Trump recently signed an executive order which temporarily banned travel for 7 countries, and there have been riots.  Match Made Coffee is going to make no statement one way or the other on this political event, or any other for that matter.  But, it seems like lots of other companies are trying to profit over these big headlines.  This is a relatively new thing with the Internet and social media being so big now, so will their stances ultimately come back to bite them?

This is not to say that the events going on in the media and political sphere aren’t worth discussing either.  But, do we really want to treat companies as if they were people?  Is it worth discussing which businesses back which agendas?  Perhaps.  I wish I had a definitive answer there.

Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz recently pledged that Starbucks would hire 10,000 refugees from the banned areas in an interview with CNN.  Great, I guess?

In response to this, Black Rifle Coffee Company vowed to hire 10,000 homeless veterans.  Great too, I guess?

For those politically inclined, it’s probably great to be able to easily make a decision to support a business that they like and thinks similarly to them.  I also imagine that it’s nice to boycott those very same companies if you disagree with them.

Where should it stop though?  Should we buy or not buy them based on their stance on the Brexit, and if they don’t have an official stance, should we force it out of them?  Some people might just want a cup of coffee though.  Facebook has been especially politically charged lately it seems, and for a big portion of us it’s nice to be able to escape that, but what happens when that follows us around in our everyday life in everything from the grocery store we visit, to which gas station we visit?

What do you guys think of the situation?