Helping out others when they are in need makes for a great gesture.  Some people give their careers and their lives to doing such a thing.  Children’s hospitals are a great example of these.  Many people donate to the kids though, and today we will show you some ways to donate to children’s hospital workers.

Match Made Coffee, being based in Southern California, is fortunate enough to have a couple children’s hospitals nearby.  Donations and goodies flood the hospital to help the patients struggling through this otherwise jolly time of year.

Match Made Coffee has been lucky enough to have been selected to be given away multiple times to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).  We know some of the workers here well since they are right in our backyard.  Plus, they frequently buy boxes for each other and donate to each other.

So, today we would not only like to highlight the caring that CHOC staff shows for their patients and fellow staff, but hopefully to motivate some readers out there to also donate to children’s hospital workers here at CHOC.

This weekend, we were fortunate enough to have been invited to two difference CHOC events.  Each event held a raffle as well.

The CHOC Emergency Room staff holiday party was the first event.  The raffle had numerous items, including a box of Match Made Coffee.

Donate To Children's Hospital Workers CHOC ER Christmas Raffle 2017

CHOC has an unbelievable amount of staff.  Only one department was at this event.  People filled the room to the brim.

Thankfully there were lots of people that wanted to donate to children’s hospital workers.  This caused some excitement based around the raffle.

CHOC ER Christmas Party Raffle Winner 2017 Match Made Coffee Alex Moen donate to children's hospital workers

The person who won was a CHOC worker.  He and his date for the night knew the caffeine and sugary treats would have no trouble disappearing.  Working in a fast paced environment tends to have that effect.

And then the very next day, another one of CHOC’s departments had a holiday party. 

This event was a little less formal.  It had some great snacks and Match Made Coffee made another appearance.

Donate To Children's Hospital Workers

The winner was a pharmacist who also won the ugly sweater contest that was going on as well.  He was rolling in well-deserved victories that night.

Unfortunately, there were plenty of people who were a part of these departments that missed their holiday events.  Children’s Hospitals need workers staffing it 24/7/365.  Lots of staff members worked during their own holiday party.

Donate To Children's Hospital Workers CHOC Pharmacy Christmas Cake 2017 Match Made Coffee

Not everyone got to enjoy this yummy cake, for instance

Donate To Children’s Hospital Workers And Hospitals Alike

So, if you would like to donate to CHOC, we would definitely recommend it.

To donate to the CHOC organization and children click here.

Or, to donate to children’s hospital workers through Match Made Coffee, click here and leave a note saying so, and we will have it delivered on your behalf.