Do you have a question about our coffees and cookies? Here are Match Made Coffee’s most frequently asked questions we get, laid out for you.

Q: How much coffee does one pouch make?

A: Our two-ounce pouches are designed to make one full pot of coffee. If you’re not making a full pot of coffee, the recommended ratio is two spoonfuls per cup. This quantity can move up or down depending on how strong you like your coffee, and can vary by your brewing method as well.

Q: What is the best way to pair the coffee and cookies together to taste them?

A: Smell is a big part of taste, so smell your coffee first, then take a sip. Chewing activates your flavor receptors too, so chew your coffee a few times. Slowly swallow you coffee so that it hits the taste buds all over your tongue and down your throat. As you swallow, smell the cookie and take a nibble and chew a few times and swallow. Then sandwich the cookie with the smell and nibble process on the coffee one more time. Keep this up and enjoy!

Q: When does Match Made Coffee ship?

A: We ship one batch per month, to ensure peak freshness. The cut-off date for your first box is the 15th for that particular month’s batch. Any order first placed on the 16th or after will move to the next month’s batch. After the 15th we begin preparing all of the boxes, and the USPS picks your shipment up by the 22nd at the latest. The USPS generally takes 2-3 days to deliver after that point.

Q: How much does Match Made Coffee cost?

A: Match Made Coffee costs $19.95 per box, and that includes taxes and shipping to most places except for California. California takes about another buck for taxes. On some platforms where we sell you may see the option to prepay for 3 months or 6 months at a time upfront, but the math still works out to $19.95 (plus taxes for CA residents) per box.

Q: Are there vegan/paleo/gluten-free options? Where can we get allergy information?

A: All of our cookies currently contain ingredients derived from eggs or dairy, and they all have gluten in them. Other allergies like nuts may or may not be in a particular month, so please reach out to us and we can pause your subscription for certain months that don’t meet your dietary requirements. Keep in mind though, if you are super sensitive and cannot have nuts or other allergies even processed in the same facility, then we cannot currently accommodate that yet either. Email us with any other specific dietary or ingredient questions:

Q: Do you have decaf? Can I pick my flavors?

A: Currently we do not offer decaf options, and there is not an option to select flavors for coffees or cookies. To try and get super high quality ingredients at bulk discounts, and to lower costs by increasing operational ease, we only offer one type of box per month. We know that you or those you are gifting it to will love it though, because the flavor pairing experience and the journey of exploring new flavors is fantastic when you order Match Made Coffee.

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