We were excited to include February’s featured coffee roaster, Koffee Kult, and some of their cult classic roasts in your monthly Match Made Coffee subscription box! Each of Koffee Kult’s coffees are artisanally small-batch roasted by hand. They are also organically and ethically sourced. Doesn’t get much better than that!


Pairing 1: Thunder Bolt + Biscoff Cookie

The Thunder Bolt roast, a blend of Colombian and Brazil french roasted coffee beans, is a robust dark coffee with a medium acidity and a crisp sweet finish that pairs with “Europe’s Favorite Cookie with Coffee” as to not detract from the flavor-packed palate.

I am big fan of french roasted coffee, and the Thunder Bolt coffee gave me the punch of flavor I was looking for. This coffee has a smooth finish and is not as oily as some of the other french roasts on the market. The Biscoff cookie was made for coffees just like this one– where you have all of the flavor you need and want a snack that won’t detract or alter the palate. Oh, and I definitely recommend dunking.

Pairing 2: Colombian Huila + Turkish Delight Double Pistachio 

The Colombian Huila roast is a organic medium roast from Hula’s high mountain elevations. The cupping notes include a mild cherry and caramel flavor that creates the perfect pairing with this sweet Turkish treat that dates back to the Ottoman Empire.

This is what I like to call a sipping coffee– no gulping allowed! You do not want to miss the delicious flavor notes that are waiting behind each sip. The chewy and sugary Turkish Delight turns your coffee break into an indulgent experience with each bite. I really enjoyed how the crunchy pistachio treat blended beautifully with the cherry notes of the coffee.

Pairing 3: Zimbabwe + Japanese Chocolate Wafer Cookie

The single origin Zimbabwe roast is a delicious medium roast with a great balance and complexity. With the mild earthy notes and a spicy finish, the roast is complemented perfectly by the crisp and robust chocolatey flavors of the wafer cookie.

This is definitely a medium roast that is leaning on the dark side. The flavors bring a subtle undertone of heat with a spicy and peppery finish. When I paired this with the deep chocolatey deliciousness  of the Japanese wafer cookies it was love at first bite! The pairing experience reminded me of a cayenne brownie, a staple Southern California dessert. 

Happy Coffee Pairing!