image by CREMA

After a recent trip to Japan I came across a coffee brewing technique that has set itself up to take over the cold brew fad.
We have all become aware of cold brew this year– the exhaustive 18-24 hour process that requires the perfect grind size and a straining process to ensure you wont have crunchy coffee the next day. It also uses a lot of coffee beans. Well, I am excited to let you know that there is a new and (scientifically proven) tastier way to enjoy an icy cup of coffee.
A lot of coffee connoisseurs were never huge fans of the cold brew technique. When you skip the heat in the brewing process you will never experience the full flavor and aroma that the coffee has to offer. The good thing with this is if you are used to diluting your coffee with cream and sugar to tone down the taste—you may not need to anymore with a cup of cold brew coffee!
Now if you enjoy the taste of coffee and want to catch each flavor note in your cooled cup of coffee, let me suggest the simple Japanese technique of flash brew. The flash brew technique involves brewing your cup of coffee at its normal high temp to release the natural flavors and aromatics, but will have your drip brew setup to land immediately in ice.
By immediately exposing your heat-brewed coffee to ice you will avoid the chemical process of oxidation that takes place when you order a typical iced coffee from the restaurant or coffee shop that left their coffee pot sitting on a warmer for who knows how long. Oxygen is coffee’s enemy, the less oxygen you can subject your coffee to the more flavor you will get. And by keeping the brewing temperature between the ideal 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, your coffee will experience the optimal level of solubility (for full flavor) and volatility (for full smell).
The flash brew technique got its start in Japan, but is quickly becoming popularized across the globe for its simplicity and full flavor. Try it today using these simple steps:

  1. Get out your favorite pour-over brew system
  2. Add 200 grams of ice (the larger, the better) to your decanter or mug
  3. Setup filter and add 60 grams of medium ground coffee
  4. Pour 500 grams of 200°F water slowly to the coffee grounds, making sure to saturate them completely
  5. Enjoy!