Fundraising FAQ

Match Made Coffee's Fundraiser Program FAQs

First, the organization needs to be enrolled in our program.  If they are already, simply email us at with your organization’s name, and we will apply the appropriate code.  If your organization is not enrolled yet, fill out this form and start raising funds ASAP.

There are no fees.  We help your organization get started by providing flyers, a coupon code unique to your group, and provide a best practices guide to ensure your fundraising efforts succeed to their greatest extent.

10% on each and every box and monthly renewal for the lifetime of the customer, not including tax or shipping costs.

Enroll today and you can start earning funds within the week.

Monthly.  Which means you earn funds each month that your supporters continue their subscription.

Funds are sent monthly if earnings exceed $50, otherwise quarterly. Funds are sent via paypal or check by mail, whichever is preferred by your organization.

We will simply need the contact information of your fundraising coordinator, your organization’s information and objective for the fundraiser, and your preferred method of payment. It’s that easy!

Your organization’s unique coupon code provides us the tracking needed.  All customers who use your coupon code at checkout will get pulled onto a list, and you will receive this list along with each payout.

Sign up today, and once approved we will email out our best practices to get you started.  We want to help you succeed!

If you already are signed up for fundraising, reach out to your fundraising coordinator via email.  Otherwise, reach out to and put “fundraising” in the subject line.

Match Made Coffee reserves the right to make changes to the fundraising program at any time. If any changes do occur, all active fundraising coordinators will be contacted.