Dads, granddads, uncles, nephews, cousins, the spouse’s family and more.  They all might be on your gift giving list this Father’s Day.

What are you planning on getting them?

Father’s Day has been going strong for more than 100 years, and yet we still get these poor guys the same thing year after year.

What is it this year?  Tie or coffee mug?

There are many ways to up your game when it comes to giving gifts (like this article here mentions).  But what are you doing this year?

A subscription box gift is unlike any other gift.  Not only is it like giving a gift basket, but the fact that it is a recurring gift is what really makes it stand out.

Dads are used to getting something but a handful of times per year.  Father’s Day, their birthday, and perhaps during Christmas or another religious holiday.  That’s it.

And that is what they expect.

So, if you want an unexpected and amazing response to your gift, well, you have to give something when it is unexpected.  And make sure that it is amazing.

And, no, we do not mean skipping Father’s Day and giving the same gift on some random day.

When your dad receives his first subscription box, he will react just as he normally does when he gets his usual gift.  He will be happy and do his thing.  But when the 2nd or 3rd box comes around?  Well, that is when things get interesting.

The “oh, you shouldn’t haves” and the “I can’t believe you did this” and the “oh thank you so muches” start coming out.

And isn’t it time to switch from the standard coffee mug to what he really wants?  The coffee that goes in it?  With snacks to boot?

Sure it is.  And a subscription is perfect for that, because it will give him something new and interesting month after month, for him to continue to like.

And for him to be constantly reminded of what an awesome gift giver you are.

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