If you haven’t checked out #latteart on Instagram, catch up! With just under 3 million posts celebrating this delicious art form so far, you really never know what new and exciting ways these coffee connoisseurs will whip up your morning coffee.


Who doesn’t want a beautiful latte?! The real question is if you think you have what it takes to make your own works of latte art. According to Serious Eats, there are four fundamentals that you have to master in order to pull off the most classic of the latte arts. First being height, because splashes would be disastrous in this delicate procedure. Second is positioning; latte art is like a well-choreographed dance and you definitely need to know where you are going. Third, the flow has to be be just right. Some designs start lightly and increase the flow throughout, while other designs may call for a steady flow. Lastly, and most importantly, you need good control. Not only do you need to have control over all of the previous factors we went over, but how about rocking the pitcher gently back and forth through out the pouring to create the desired details.
Now, once you have mastered the classics, maybe try putting your own creative spin on the designs. There are latte art pens that can help add some flare.


However, if your artistic side needs a rest, but your latte is looking a little bland you can always invest in latte stencils. Add a shake of cocoa powder or cinnamon with the stencil of your choice and you will be set to enjoy.


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