I have a feeling that everybody is really going to be loving their March coffee pairings! First of all, we have Real Good Coffee– like REAL Good Coffee Co. The beans are roasted right in the epicenter of the craft coffee scene, Seattle! Their coffee roasting leans heavily on blends of Central and South American 100% Arabica beans, and in our deluxe coffee pairing box, you will get to try all 3 of their roasts in their current lineup.

Pairing 1: Breakfast Blend + Marshmallow Chocolate Sandwich

The Breakfast blend is a light roast that eases you into your day with subtle notes of chocolate and cream, which pairs with a Mexican marshmallow and chocolate sandwich to bring our the flavors (and fun!)

Waking up is hard. So, having the right blend brewing first thing in the morning is key. I really enjoyed this bright, yet smooth flavoring that lends really well to those of us with a sweet tooth. So, with this month’s featured breakfast blend, ditch the donut and try the tasty and fun marshmallow chocolate sandwich.

Pairing 2: French Roast + Rice Cracker Mix 

The Real Coffee Co. has created a robust, extra bold French Roast. The strong flavor palate includes rich undertones of dark chocolate, oak and spice that are a perfect match to a delicious mix of Asian spiced rice crackers.

I always love a good French Roast! Especially when freshly roasted and still gleaming and slick with their oils. Yum! I like that this roast had the deep chocolatey and earthy flavors that flowed right into a kick of spice at the end. To help accentuate this flavor note, we have paired it with a tasty blend of spiced rice crackers. The crunch and pop of flavor make this pairing come alive.

Pairing 3: Donut Shop + White Chocolate Amaretto Wafer

The Donut Shop’s medium bold roast has an effortlessly smooth flavor that ends on a sweet note. Both the aroma and the taste showcase the nostalgic brown sugar and hazelnut notes that also pair seamlessly with the sweet nutty flavor of the wafer.

This pairing is a bit of fun, in my opinion! Pairing the nostalgic corner store donut shop coffee blend, with the ritzy high tea type of a wafer cookie may not be a classic pairing– but it sure is delicious! You may think it has to do with opposites attracting, but really the flavors of both parties really blend naturally together with the hazelnut notes being the main liaison. I highly recommend utilizing this pairing as your dessert course, as it will definitely leave you having sweet dreams.

Happy Coffee Pairing!