Wonderful news, everyone!  Well, maybe not directly for everyone, but for older women and those close to them.  The Washington Post reported that those who drank the equivalent amount of caffeine that can be found in two to three 8 ounce cups of coffee each day, had a much lower risk of dementia.

And, there must be something to it, as the National Institutes of Health even have studies up as well.  Although the Washington Post just reported for caffeine in general and gave equivalent amounts of soda or other drinks that it’d take to meet that requirement, the NIH shows less evidence of tea being as beneficial as coffee.  And, it almost goes without saying, but the NIH has huge amounts of studies and meta studies showing that soft drink drinkers are in far worse health as a result.

So, what does that leave us with?  Well, delicious coffee of course.  It’s good to know that little brown cup of awesomeness has some academic backing for its health benefits as well.  It seems these days virtually everything is killing you, so it’s nice to take refuge in the results of these studies in coffee’s favor.  Now, if we can get some studies approving snacks, then Match Made Coffee will be the first ones celebrating.