I am so excited to have our December coffee pairing feature one of my favorite local coffee roasters, San Diego Coffee Company!

Do you remember the old milk commercials that would show the cows grazing on the greenest fields in perpetual sunshine with the tagline “Happy cows come from California”? Well, I think happy coffee roasters come from California too, and you can taste the difference. With SDC Co. roasting their premier coffee beans mere blocks from the sandy beaches in Oceanside, you can almost smell the ocean breeze in your freshly ground coffee.


Pairing #1: Guatemala Antigua + Milk Chocolate Wafer

The Guatemala Antigua is 100% Arabica, single origin, small-batch roasted. The volcanic soil where this bean is grown infuses a chocolaty sweetness and lively finish which is complemented by the milk chocolate (and caramel!) wafer pairing.

The nutty/cocoa finish on the Guatemala Antigua turns into a rich dessert experience when combined with the sweetness of Tunnock’s caramel, milk chocolate wafer biscuit. Save this pairing for when you really want to indulge!

Pairing #2: Organic French Roast + Shortbread

The organic French Roast is certified organic by OCIA. The full-bodied dark French roast has a rich aroma and bold flavor that reaches a perfect balance of flavor when paired with shortbread.

I always love a good French roast, and this one definitely hits the mark. Pairing a darker roast with a lighter snack will help to not mask the flavor profile of the coffee, but rather help to enhance it. The Walker’s Pure Butter Shortbread melt in your mouth when immersed in a cup of this delicious organic French Roast.

Pairing #3: Espresso + Fig Bar

The espresso roast is a signature blend of six of the world’s finest coffees. This intense dark roast perfectly mimics the best Italian espresso, and when paired with a fig bar the flavors combine for the perfect snack experience.

For me, espresso is the best afternoon pick-me-up. San Diego Coffee Co.’s blend of coffee beans hit the mark in re-creating my fondest memories of afternoon cafe runs in Italy. Pairing this espresso with the tart and fruity flavors found in the Nature’s Bakery Stone Ground, Whole Wheat,  Fig Bar is a healthy alternative for my usual pastery picks. The flavors and a new depth and balance to the flavor of espresso to make it an excellent pairing.

Happy Coffee Pairing!