Reseller Program Questions and Answers

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Match Made Coffee Reseller Program Frequently Asked Questions and their answers:

1) I want a portion of my Match Made Coffee to go towards an individual or organization, what do I do?

If they are already enrolled in our program, email us at with their name, and we will apply the appropriate code.  Funds will begin accumulating from that point forward.  If your organization is not enrolled yet, fill out this form and start making money ASAP.

2) What costs are associated with Match Made Coffee’s Reseller Program?

There are no fees.  We also provide you with flyers, a coupon code unique to you, and provide a “best practices guide” to get you going ASAP.

3) How do I start using Match Made Coffee’s Reseller Program?

Get started today and enroll here.

4) How much will we earn?

20% on each and every box and monthly renewal for the lifetime of the customer, not including tax or shipping costs.

5) How quickly can we start the Reseller Program?

Enroll today and start earning within one week or less.

6) How often do subscribers receive Match Made Coffee boxes?

The first box ships within one week of ordering.  Renewals ship within one week of the 15th every following calendar month.  This occurs every month until the customer cancels their subscription.

7) How will I receive my earnings?

We send funds on the 1st of each month. The funds we send on the 1st covers everything earned from the 15th of the previous calendar month all the way back to the last payment.  We send funds electronically, by bank wire, or by money order.  Please allow a few additional days beyond that for delays by the banks, or from the USPS shipping your money order.

8) Do we need to re-enroll each year?

No. Once approved your coupon code will be available indefinitely, even if you take some time off.

9) How do I start?

Fill out this simple form (1 minute).

10) How do I track earnings?

Your unique coupon code provides all the tracking needed.  You receive a list every month with the active customers still utilizing your coupon code.

11) What are the best ways to raise money?

Enroll today, and once approved we will email out our “best practices Guide” that all the top resellers use.  We want to help you succeed!

12) Who do I speak with about other reseller program questions that I have?

If you already a reseller, reach out to your Match Made Coffee Contact received in your welcome email with any reseller program questions you have.  Otherwise, reach out to and put “Reseller Program Questions” in the email title and we will respond shortly.