The San Antonio Coffee Festival helps you kick the new year off on the right note.

This festival celebrates all things coffee.  San Antonio has been ahead of its time.  This coffee festival first started in 2013, and this is the sixth annual celebration.  Each year this festival grows, and currently offers over 80 featured coffees.

What to expect at the San Antonio Coffee Festival

Experience “coffee cupping” this year when you purchase a $5 coffee flight.  Coffee cupping is kind of like how wine sommeliers evaluate wines, except with coffee.  Experience the aroma, flavor, acidity, body, sweetness and aftertaste with a little bit of guidance from the pros there.

And, the San Antonio Coffee Festival touches on all things coffee.  You can learn about (and try) coffee based beers.  Or, you can enjoy one of the seven food trucks available.  For our Match Made Coffee fans, yes, there is a cookie booth there too!

This is not just a coffee tasting event though.  This year the San Antonio Coffee Festival is going all out.  This event will have everything from live music, to arts and crafts, and more.

Try something new

Never before seen coffees will make their debut on the public stage this year.  For instance,  Randy Pike, the owner of Airborne Beans, says that they will be showing off 3 brand new coffees at the festival.


This article was written at the end of 2017, so the 2018 San Antonio Coffee Festival is right around the corner.  Admission is always free, and the 2018 festival is set to go January 6th from 10am until 5pm.

If you are reading this after the 2018 festival, check in on their main website, to see what the upcoming dates and location will be.

Although Match Made Coffee is not San Antonio based, it is great to see such a great city really embracing third wave coffee and making it a centerpiece of their new year festivities.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to start hassling my local city officials.  It is time to get something like this up and going near me.

But, then again, with a subscription to Match Made Coffee, it’s like a mini San Antonio Coffee Festival in my kitchen every morning.