Side Hustles That Are Easy To Start

Lots of people are looking for easy things to do on weekends or weeknights to help bring in some extra money.  But, there seems to be a barrier to entry for lots of people.  Whether that barrier is time or money, some people are just looking for fast ways to test the waters.  Here are some side hustles that are easy to start:

1) Garage Sale Arbitrage

side hustles that are easy like garage sale arbitrage

Garage sale arbitrage is different than running a garage sale.  Of course you could run your own garage sale or yard sale to de-clutter your living space and immediately pick up a few bucks while doing it.  But this is not sustainable.  At some point you are going to run out of stuff that people want.  So, what do you do instead?

Go to other people’s garage sales, buy stuff cheap, and re-sell it for higher amounts.  Now, you might think that this doesn’t work very well, but there are plenty of people out there doing it and turning $100 into thousands.

Check out this Reddit thread, or this Gary Vaynerchuk video for ideas.

The trick is that you cannot just buy anything and expect everything to sell for more.  That’s not really how business works in general.

Remember the stock picking mantra of buy low and sell high.

If you see something that you like, but you are not sure for what it will sell for, whip out your cell phone.  Do some quick eBay checks, you can quickly see what is selling for higher dollar amounts elsewhere.  It takes 30 seconds and ensures that you are not overpaying.  You are essentially sure of a profit before you invest in anything at the garage sale.  Now that is a side hustle that is easy and safe.

Remember, not every garage sale is going to be a win, but once you start finding electronics, antiques, collectibles, and things like that you are likely to make a profit.

People are generally looking to offload things to de-clutter, and so that is more important to them than holding onto it and making top dollar.  That is where you can come in.

So, keep an eye out on the freebie section of Craigslist, hit up your thrift stores, search for local garage sale flyers, and be prepared to clean and ship your goods, and you can be pretty certain of a decent return on your investment.

2) Affiliate Marketing

side hustles that are easy like affiliate marketing

Of all the side hustles that are easy, this one takes the cake.  You can implement it starting right now, even if it’s 2am on a Tuesday, and start making some progress.

Now, it won’t be instant money, but you can make the big bucks if you dedicate yourself and are in this for the long haul.

What is great about this is that you can utilize your already existing social connections, and these social connections are already buying boatloads of stuff, so why not have them buy some of that stuff from you?

You just have to find what people who know, like, and trust you are already buying, and then see if they will try out your recommendations.

What is great about affiliate marketing is that it can be super scalable.  What can start out by reaching out to friends on Facebook can easily expand to talking to people on forums about things you love and making recommendations.

Or maybe you love writing and you branch your affiliate marketing love of your item into a blog.  (Go to WordPress to create a blog for free.)

Or a video.  (Using your phone you can create and edit videos on YouTube.)

Or build an email list.  (MailChimp has an option that starts out free here as well.)

Or do all of the above and crush it!

It really doesn’t matter what the method to reach out is.  Do it to match your style and for how your product or service is being sold.

Match Made Coffee’s affiliate program for instance gives people a special URL or coupon code to post.  This special URL means you can put it pretty much anywhere online and have any sales tracked back to you.  Or, if you sell in person, just make sure they use the coupon code.  This particular program has people posting on Facebook and Instagram, people doing YouTube videos, reviews, blogs, in-person pitching, and more.

But, there are really lots of ways to go about doing this effectively.  In reality, you could probably even go to the local Ma & Pop pizza shop on the corner and say you’ll fill them up on their slowest night by running an event or sending your friends there, and ask if they could give you a share of the profits.

3) Consulting and Coaching

side hustles that are easy like consulting and coaching

This method will take a little bit longer to generate your first dollars, but it is also more likely to generate more income with fewer customers needed.

To be a paid coach or consultant, focus on what you are good at.  This may be your career, or anything else, but make sure that you are a step or two ahead of whoever your customers would be.

Lots of people stumble when going this route because they do not start off their gig on the right foot.  Quiz friends and family and have them tell you what you are skilled at doing.  Then think about how you can monetize it, and do that first.

Don’t worry about building websites, or developing a huge social media following, or anything else just yet.  Chances are your first couple attempts aren’t going to generate any traction, so you want to find out as quickly as possible whether you have something or not.

The issue could be in your offering or in what you are consulting or coaching about.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  See if there are other coaches and consultants making money doing what you want to do, and then do similarly.

The only way this option can be profitable and be one of the side hustles that are easy is if you first focus on racking up a couple sales, and THEN build a business around it.  And don’t be afraid to toss something quickly if it yields no results.

The best coaching and consulting businesses aren’t blowing away the world with some new and untested idea, it is the people adding their own personal flare to an underserved region or demographic.

Regardless of which option you try, you are going to need to try to sell it.  There are no side hustles that are easy without sales.  Whether you sell electronically or face to face, you need to get out there.

Don’t be afraid to haggle at garage sales.

Don’t be afraid to get hyped in front of people as an affiliate marketer.

And don’t be afraid to directly pitch people if you are looking to consult or to coach.

Are there any other ideas that you guys have for side hustles that are easy?  Share your success or your failures, as we learn from them all.