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Flip sorority fundraising ideas on its head.  Enroll today!

Do people drink coffee and eat snacks in your community?  Of course they do, that’s a stupid question. 

Do you want a fundraiser where you do the work once, and you keep getting paid year round?  Once again, of course.  We’ll try and lay off the stupid questions now, if you’ve caught our point.

Too many sororities approach fundraising the wrong way.
  • Doing the same stale fundraisers every year and accepting their mediocre returns
  • Reaching out to just your campus and alumni
  • Raising money and only get paid once.


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With Match Made Coffee Fundraising we don’t just give you sweet, sweet caffeine to peddle.  We give you professional flyers and a guide to help dominate in your fundraising.  If you can figure out how to open a beer, you’ve got the smarts to make this fundraiser work.

Plus, with residuals paid out for fundraising, you will have to do way less of it in the future.  Rush week?  Done.  Formals?  Baller upgrades.  Extra booze for parties?  We don’t judge.  We know you don’t like fundraising, so you should probably decide to go all-out and do it right, rather than settling for the same BS, year after year.

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Your school probably has a Starbucks and you have likely seen a line with people clamoring for $5 coffees and scones.  Whether it is other college students, parents, alumni, or the surrounding neighborhood- you know they all want their caffeine and sugar fix.  Are you going to deny them, or are you going to woman up and get that money?

sorority fundraising ideas income streamsRaise money once, get paid indefinitely!

Our subscription model means that not only do the people you sign up receive a monthly indulgence of coffee and cookie pairings, but your sorority will continue to get paid a portion of each monthly subscription.

Let us help reach your fundraising goals!

  • We build sororities a customized flyer, projecting a professional image.
  • bring your fundraising to the 21st century: online ordering and tracking, fast deliveries, and done-for-you customer service.
  • Receive the contact info of everyone that signs up!  That way, all future fundraising communication is 1000x easier, even if you stop using Match Made Coffee!

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Stop raising money last minute.  It should be done in an ongoing manner, with a message and product that resonates.  Of all the sorority fundraising ideas you’ve come across, You know this is a gold mine.
Match Made Coffee’s sorority Fundraising provides Peace of Mind.

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