The Story Behind Coffee’s Discovery In Ethiopia

As oftentimes happens, stories from hundreds or thousands of years ago get mixed up when told today. The story of coffee is no different.

When the origin story cannot even get the discoverer’s name correct (was it Kaldi or Khalid?), and cites the year this happened as sometime “around 750 AD,” then that is a sure sign that this story has seen some changes occur over time.

Most herders are very in tune with their animals, and as the story goes ((continued))

Washed vs unwashed coffee processes- which is better?

You might immediately assume that simply because one process is referred to as the unwashed process, that your coffee is covered in dirt and grime and is therefore inferior, but you’d be wrong.

If you didn’t know it already, coffee beans are actually more like coffee seeds that come from inside coffee fruit, like so:
That’s right, coffee is more of a berry, so you’re not lying when you say that you had fruit juice with your breakfast.

The unwashed method is also known as the drying method, and works like this: