The Caffeinated Protein Shake: take your workout to another level

We’ve spoken numerous times about the benefit after benefit of coffee not just on your health, but specifically how it boosts your workouts. It doesn’t just perk you up so that you feel like taking on the world, it also helps burn fat and push harder.
But, lets be honest, few people are chugging a piping hot coffee before hitting up the gym, or bringing a mug of coffee to swig between sets. But, do you know what people do that with? Protein drinks. It’s time we merged the benefit of protein shakes with that of coffee.

Here’s what you need:

11 Reasons to Drink More Coffee

Coffee usually takes time at the morning. Coffee has a lot of health benefits, regardless of its side effects.

Here are some health reasons to drink coffee :

1-Cut the Pain:
Two cups of coffee can cut post-workout muscle pain by up to 48%.

2-Increase your fiber intake:
A cup of brewed coffee represents a contribution of up to 1.8 grams of fiber of the recommended intake of 20-38 grams.