There are over 7 billion people on this planet.  When you deal with such astronomically large, virtually incomprehensible numbers, what seems like the weirdest and most strange things you think nobody could possibly like, actually end up having quite the following.  And, when you consider that coffee is the world’s most popular drug, well, there should be no surprise that there are some very peculiar coffees out there.  We’ve compiled the best (or worst, depending on your level of coffee adventurousness), and detail the unique roles that the animal kingdom plays in bringing these unique coffees to life.

1) Kopi Luwakcoffeeplantation-luwakcoffee-701x380

Kopi Luwak is an extraordinary coffee because of its ties to the Asian Palm Civet (a type of wild cat).  For those of you that don’t know, coffee beans are essentially the seeds of a berry.  The Asian Palm Civet eats these berries.  Then, something strange happens in this particular animal’s digestive tract when it is consumed- the coffee beans start fermenting.  Then, they get pooped out.  The fermentation process adds a musky flavor that apparently you can’t get many places.  Kopi Luwak regularly sells for upwards of $100+ per pound.

2) Black Ivory Coffee

Elephant Dung Coffee Produces The World's Most Expensive Cup

Okay, we swear, this is the last of the poop coffees (at least for this list).  Black Ivory Coffee essentially goes through a similar process as Kopi Luwak, except instead of fermentation in the elephant, the coffee berries get attacked by a special enzyme that helps eliminate the bitter proteins in coffee beans.  I suppose that’s one brave way to ease yourself off of sugars and creamers in your coffee…

3) Monkey Spit Coffee


We said the previous coffee was the last poop based coffee, not the last bodily liquid based coffee.  Monkey Spit Coffee is said to be given a distinctly vanilla flavor by the monkeys who eat the coffee cherries and then spit out the remaining coffee bean.  Delicious.  One monkeys trash is another person’s treasure, yeah?

Thankfully, you guys will never have to worry about us sending these coffees in our subscriptions, and we don’t even want to begin thinking about what would pair well with these.

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