Top 10 Coffee Latte Art Pieces of All Time

Latte art is a new and almost unexpected twist on the coffeehouse scene.  Years ago before Starbucks started popping up in two places on every intersection, baristas were not always so into their craft.  It was not uncommon to get the “fast food employee” treatment, where you were served by someone who really did not care about their job or your coffee.

But, as things have changed, and as high-priced coffees started allowing coffee houses to hire and train higher quality baristas, something changed.

And, not just the quality of the coffee, but its presentation.  Coffee houses are competing for our attention, and doing so in fantastic and visually stimulating ways these days.

Latte art is relatively new, at least in being a popular or well-known thing, that is coming into its own.  And, what started out as random swirls or hearts has really become an awesome and artistic endeavor for many.

We here at Match Made Coffee have compiled our top 10 list for the best pieces of latte art that we have ever come across, and hope you will enjoy.


10) Barista Hustle and Flow-er


Starting off our list, we’ll touch on the more basic forms.  When you do come across latte art, it is typically some sort of symmetrical shape or swirl.  And, although this falls under that category, the flower and the detailed petals put this at the top of this otherwise plain and basic category.

9) Lost in Space


The use of differing levels of darkness here are great, and a proportional character with some lines taking place makes it stand out, as that is pretty tough for latte art.  After a great cup of coffee, I too feel out of this world.

8) An Elephant You’ll Never Forget


After seeing a flurry of poorly shaped horses and a variety of other latte art pieces, this elephant makes the others look like they were part of a side show or something.

7) Scooby Doooooode, Nice!


It’s one thing to do a nice looking elephant, but to take on a recognizable character and get the proportions perfect and to also get such perfect writing?  If you’re not impressed, you don’t know how difficult it is to do these.  Lets just say it takes a-latte-practice.

6) That’s Where Nemo Has Been Hiding


Some baristas started adding food coloring to their latte art in competitions, and now things start getting crazier and crazier.

5) My Spidey Sense Only Tingles When I’m Caffeinated


When before you had crazily skilled baristas doing latte art that was super detailed, it was only a matter of time until crazily detailed and colored latte art came out.  What else could people even do?

5) Pre-bear Yourself For The Third Dimension


The only other way to go seemed to be up.  Build-a-bear was not meant for coffee originally.

4) Hello Colored Kitty


Until barista artists started adding color AND going up.  Seriously though, how do they get the foamed milk to keep shape?

3) Fishing For Compliments


Until somebody decided to use two cups and have one cup’s art jump into another cup.  It’s not the fanciest of art, but the A+ for creativity gave this guy a big boost in our books.

2) Overflowing Goodness


The only other directions left to the latte art world, were to literally bust out over the cup.  Boundaries are meant to be pushed.

1) Van Gogh and Check This Out


But, our number one pick skipped all of that extra fluff, and just made some of the most beautiful latte art pieces ever.  When you can recreate famous paintings in a latte cup, you’re pretty danged good.

This barista is so good in fact, that we doubted this was not faked or cheated somehow.  But, it’s not.  You can see him creating these latte art masterpieces on his Instagram (@LeeKangBin91).

And, if you are ever lucky enough to be in Seoul, South Korea; then swing by his coffee shop called Cafe C-Through.

What do you guys think of our list?  Agree, disagree?  Have you seen any other latte art pieces that you thought were cool?  Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook or the Match Made Coffee’s Instagram.