Most coffees in the world are made from the Arabica bean, which is often considered the “best” around.  When you get into subjective experiences like best tasting coffee, it’s definitely opening ourselves up for an argument.  When compiling this list we wanted a mixture of coffees that many of our subscribers have likely not tried but should, as well as those whose flavor stood out.

1) Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

The Tanzania Peaberry coffee is out of North Africa and goes through the washing process with a little bit extra attention necessary.  The bean from inside the berry tends to be a bit more difficult to separate, and needs good air circulation when drying.  This special process, in conjunction with its tasty coffee beans grown at specific elevations on the famed Mount Kilimanjaro, makes it extraordinary in flavor density.  It’s got a lingering sweet flavor, and goes fantastically with a flavored infused chocolate.

2) Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

Like most Ethiopian coffees, this is a dry-processed coffee.  These can run a little pricier than most other Ethipoian coffees due to the limited growing season, and high altitudes it grows at coupled with its unique and spicy flavoring.  Toss this in with a coconut flavored snack, orhave it after dinner with a lightly spiced meal, and you’re set.

3) Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

This coffee out of Jamaica comes with a special certification requirement, insuring it meets the proper standards.  Of all the Jamaican coffees, this is required to be grown at very specific altitudes and on a specific estate, insuring that not just anyone from Jamaica can call it Blue Mountain quality.  The Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffees are great for people who are starting to get into black coffee drinking, as it tends to lack the typical bitterness that stops most people from making that leap.  Pair the floral notes with a fruit bar or berries, and you’re in for a treat.

4) Hawaii Kona Coffee

Hawaii Kona Coffees have been growing tremendously in popularity in the craft coffee community.  This coffee bean is grown only on specific elevations on a couple of volcanoes on the Big Island.  Volcanoes are renowned for creating some of the richest and most fertile soil, and this coffee takes full advantage of that.  It comes with a rich and buttery flavor, making it ideal for your dessert pairings.  If you’re indulging with a rich and sweet treat, then this should be your go-to coffee.

5) Mocha Java Coffee

The mocha javas have been ranked among the most sought after blends in the world, and is a blend between a Yemeni bean and Indonesian bean.  Back in the day, these two beans accidentally got mixed on a sailing ship, and people not wanting to waste such delicious beans decided to still try it, and we have been in love with it ever since.  Now, since this is a blend, it depends on who makes it and with which beans and what ratios to determine the best snack partner, but was originally paired with the spice cardamom.


Did we miss anything?  Let us know in the comments or on Facebook which ones you’d like us to include in our next subscription box.