Top 4 New Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is a historically tough activity.  It takes so much work, and generally you get so little in return.  Well, Einstein once defined insanity as trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Perhaps it is time to try one of these top new fundraising ideas, and see what it can do for your organization.

1) Crowdfunding with Fundly

You might have heard the term “crowdfunding” before, and might wonder what it is or how it relates to your typical fundraiser.  Crowdfunding started off with businesses trying to gain money and customers through social media.  Fundly works very much the same way, but is designed in such a way to help your social media campaigns go viral.

With Fundly you can take advantage of the social connections that your members already have.  And, if you are part of a big organization, you might already have tons of pictures and videos to upload, and it might be as simple as just getting the word out online to help the dollars start flowing in.

What is great about Fundly is that it has built in virality, by showing when donations occur, or for how much.  If you have a strong following, or feel that you could create one, check out how Fundly works because tapping a base of people who already care is probably the easiest first step towards raising significant amounts of money, with the least amount of work.

2) Double The Donation

Although geared more towards non-profits, Double The Donation has really found an amazing way to increase your fundraising efforts.  If you have ever seen larger institutions posting about how if you donate now, some other entity will double (or triple, or more!) your donation, then you have seen the power.

You might have thought that these kinds of things were only available to large organizations that had huge donors that threw them a bone, but that is not always the case.  Organizations and individuals can get huge tax write-offs for donating, and if they know that doing a matching donation campaign can help drum up even more funds for a cause they like, then why wouldn’t they do it?

Double The Donation opens up these doors to non-profits of all shapes and sizes.  You can see how it works here.  And, rest assured, you can start with a 14-day free trial to get a hang of things before deciding to use them for the long haul.  But, in all honesty, if you are a non-profit and you do not have a steady stream of organizations already offering to double your donations, this is a pretty straightforward way to get extra cash flow for your cause.

3) ABC Fundraising’s Custom Discount Cards

You might have seen these little plastic cards starting to pop up more and more.  And it is for good reason.  These plastic discount cards can really bring in the big bucks. The cards include businesses that your donor base already likely visits, with discounts that last for a year.  Customers usually make their money back and more just by pulling out this card when they make a purchase at one of the locations on the card.

The way it works with ABC Fundraising is that you fill out a sheet that has a huge list of businesses that you can select for your wish list.  The list includes restaurants like Domino’s Pizza or Buffalo Wild Wings, auto care places like Jiffylube and Valvoline, and even sports stores like Play It Again Sports.  Choose what you think would do well in your area, and you are half way there.

Select the stores you want to offer discounts to, select the price of the card you want to sell, how many you want to sell, and *BAM* you get your customized card in 4-5 weeks.  You can even include your logo and fundraiser on it.

4) Match Made Coffee Fundraising

Match Made Coffee’s fundraisers are a bit different than your typical fundraisers.  With most other fundraisers, you do the work once and only get paid once.  With Match Made Coffee, you sign up your customer’s for subscriptions, and get paid for as long as they remain customers.  You can multiply the efforts of your work by taking full advantage of each hard earned sale through automatic renewals.

What is nice about Match Made Coffee’s program is that it really helps bring fundraising into the 21st century.  You can bring in sales using online order forms, links, special coupon codes and more.  Plus, signing up is almost instantaneous, and requires no upfront purchasing of any sort.  And once you sell, Match Made Coffee takes care of all of the tracking, the payments, the customer service, and more.

And, since there are tons of people who love coffee and cookies, your audience is quite large.  Match Made Coffee works particularly well around holiday seasons, because you are far more likely to get a customer purchasing multiple subscriptions as gifts.  Multiple recurring subscriptions off of a single customer makes your fundraising efforts exponentially more effective.