Top Subscription Boxes for Women

Subscription boxes are really becoming the new, cool trend. Why go to the store and buy things over and over again, when you can just subscribe to a service and have it delivered to your doorstep? There are all sorts of subscription boxes out there, so here are our picks for the top subscription boxes for women.

1) Birchbox

When it comes to top subscription boxes for women, no list would be complete without Birchbox.  They are one of the top options and really helped kick off the whole subscription box movement.  Birchbox sends 5+ makeup samples with instructions on how to use them.  Makeup is notoriously expensive, and Birchbox gets around all of that.  Ladies, you will no longer have to worry about investing in a huge supply of something that you later find out that you do not care for.  Try it in small doses, for $10 per month, and buy full-size versions of what you like when you want to.  Birchbox includes a wide range of items, spanning from mascara, to shampoo, to blush, and virtually everything in between.

2) Kali

Kali boxes are your ultimate feminine box.  The Kali box comes with 100% certified organic feminine products.  Now, why is that organic part important?  Well, you might be surprised to hear that most tampons and pads have bleach and bleach remnants in them still, and that is definitely not something that you want on your skin, much less in the most sensitive of areas.  Ladies, you can choose between tampon and pad options.  Each box also includes cotton wipettes, thong pantyliners, and a rotating pampering item.  For just $19.95 per month, this is definitely one must-have subscription box for women.

3) Rocksbox

Rocksbox is like the old Netflix delivery model, but for jewelry.  You pay $21 per month and get access to jewelry from a wide range of popular designers.  A specialist picks and sends you three pieces of jewelry at a time that you do not own, but that you can wear.  Hold onto the jewelry or ship it back- it is your choice.  Once shipped, the same quantity of jewelry will be shipped out to you.  Not only is all of that shipping and jewelry wearing included in the monthly cost of $21, but if you decide to purchase any of that jewelry, the $21 is applied towards it as a credit.  This way you can try out a bunch of different items, with a bunch of different outfits, and really get to know what you’d like to keep.  Never enter a store or deal with the mall lines ever again.  Sounds like an amazing deal to us.

4) Lemon Drop Box

Lemon Drop Box is really the top subscription box for women in terms of gifting someone close to you.  It comes with lots of really thoughtful stuff.  Each box comes with a postcard picture that you upload, as well as a personalized message.  So, if you are looking to find a thoughtful gift for someone close to you, this is the box you need.  Aside from the thoughtful picture and message, it includes a variety of items ranging from chocolate truffles, to stationery, to bath salts, to fuzzy socks, and more.  If you are looking for a great Mother’s Day gift, or a gift for a birthday for Mom or Grandma, then you need this box.  Prices range from $35-40.

5) Match Made Coffee

For the woman who enjoys both coffee and treats, Match Made Coffee can’t be beat.  Whether the coffee is for sipping and relaxing, or to perk you up for a day jam-packed with errands and work, the small batch craft coffee is sure to catch your attention.  And, the gourmet cookies are unique each and every month.  Each box comes with cookies that are systematically paired with the various coffees for maximum flavor potential.  Boxes come with either 2 coffees and 2 luxe cookies, or 4 coffees and 4 luxe cookies.  Match Made Coffee is delectable and delightful.