“Decaf coffee, what the heck?”

Chances are whenever you’ve been to a restaurant and ordered a coffee, and the wait staff had the audacity to ask whether you wanted regular or decaf, you had some form of the previous statement run through your mind.  Apparently for people trying to cut back on coffee (“cut back on coffee, what the heck?”), getting decaf coffee is like Nicorette.

Now, I’m going to assume by the very nature of you reading this article, that you’re a coffee drinker.  And, if you’re American, you’re probably helping put a significant dent in the 400 million cups of coffee that Americans drink each and every day.  And, if you’re like me, you probably think that a very small portion of those were decaffeinated cups of coffee.

Well, today, I’m here to make the argument that you should have at least some decaf laying around your house, and here’s why:

1) Coffee floats


Yes, mixing coffee and ice cream is a thing.  And, a delicious thing at that.  However, I have the unfortunate brain that judges me if I have ice cream for breakfast, but also regrets having coffee at night.  So, what is there to do?


Sure, fair point you say, but what else could decaffeinated coffee possibly be good for?  I can just buy Ben & Jerry’s brilliantly named coffee ice cream named Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz

2) Delicious coffee flavored cocktails


I’m sure you guys read all about the CDC warning against mixing caffeine with alcohol, and why many of the past alcohol and caffeinated beverages that used to be on store shelves are no longer.  Heck, we even post warnings about it on Facebook on drinking holidays (all holidays?).  Well, some things just go great with a coffee flavor (Kahlua, rum, Irish whiskey…) and that doesn’t mean that you can’t give up the awesome flavor combination and still keep your health on point.

So, should you keep decaf on hand?  Well, that depends on your level of motivation to try something new (like subscribing to us if you haven’t already).  And, if you lack that motivation, perhaps you should drink some coffee to perk up to prep your decaf coffee.  Yep, that sounds like a good plan.