Think outside the box and put a spin on the regularly gifted items for Dad this year. He will surely be thankful to be spared another generic tie for Father’s Day, believe me.

  1. Subscription Box. What is your Dad’s favorite hobby, food, or interests? There are specialty curated boxes for just about anything these days that deliver quality products for Dad to try and enjoy. Snag a prepaid 3 month or 6 month subscription and he will know he’s appreciated throughout the year. Our favorite box to gift is obviously Match Made Coffee. Can’t go wrong with craft coffee and gourmet cookie pairings delivered fresh to your doorstep!
  2. Adventure Together. Go on an adventure together by purchasing an experience for both of you. Whether it’s a round of golf at a new course, a day pass to the rock climbing gym, or tickets to the upcoming beer festival, we’re sure Dad will enjoy trying something new with you.
  3. Made by You. I get it, you’re not 10 anymore. But that doesn’t mean that Dad doesn’t want a handmade creation by you. Who doesn’t feel special knowing that somebody put their time and love into creating something special just for them? Whether it’s a song, a ceramic coffee mug, a portrait, or even a letter of gratitude– it will always be more meaningful than anything you could buy.

This Father’s Day, I challenge you to think beyond getting Dad new golf balls or cuff links, and get him a gift that will make him feel appreciated.