Very Offensive Mugs for Coffee

Some people just run on caffeine and swear words.  Although it may not be fun to be around those kinds of people (unless you are that person), you can definitely appreciate their very offensive mugs.

These will start off relatively tame, but don’t be fooled, there are some dark ones in the bunch.

Who do you know that could use one of these mugs?

Offensive coffee mugs for work

At work is where most people chug their delicious coffee.  What better place to make a statement?

How do I take my coffee? No sugar or creamer, thanks. Just the moist sadness falling from your eyes, please.

For those in a face to face, customer service type role, imagine how nice it would be to take a sip of your coffee after each jerk customer walks away?


This isn’t so much offensive as it is accurate. It will definitely offend your boss though, and likely earn you a trip to HR.

“What?! You can’t fire me! I’ll have to get revise this mug”

Proper responses to being called out on this mug: A) “I don’t understand why you’re giving me such a hard time here, I thought this was Casual Friday?!” B) “And a 1% chance of Kahlua”

Hidden meaning coffee mugs

For those that like to be sassy or feel superior to the dim-witted people who don’t catch onto your mug.


For us Americans, you might really be able to get away with this mug. Across the pond? Maybe not so much.


This is a temperature changing mug. For those of you unfamiliar, when you catch someone off guard with this sign by your waist, you get to punch them. Ironically, you probably want to punch people more so before the coffee is poured than after.

For those who would like to have a veil of deniability. “What? What do you mean, it says ‘-unt’?”

Over the top cursing offensive mugs

And, what half of you came here for, are these mugs that will have your conscience frown upon you should you dare decide to giggle.

For those of you with dry erase markers at work, I feel like this mug could be very versatile and useful in a whole lot of situations.

For the fashionable AND foul-mouthed.

Just make sure they stop reading somewhere around #2.

A shout out to the moms and dads out there whose children have only survived because coffee exists.

The good thing about this mug is that the fancy writing will probably be overlooked and you might get compliments on the mug. The bad thing is that you can’t use it in the afternoon or the evening.

What other hilarious, yet very offensive mugs have you guys seen?  Let us know in the comments, or on Instagram.