The Best Cocoa Powder For Coffee

Do you like coffee? Do you like chocolate? Do you like to mix chocolate into your coffee? Then you came to the right place. Sometimes it is fun to experiment with your coffees, rather than trying the same old sugar and creamer routine. Here we’ve got a list of options for you. If you can’t find the best cocoa powder for coffee on this list, then I don’t know what you’ll do.

We’ve come up with a pretty diverse and awesome cast of options here for you. So, scan through the list, see which connects with you, and get to ordering and you won’t be disappointed.

1) Chocolate Therapy by Flavor Republic

chocolate therapy by flavor republic is a great cocoa powder for coffee

Chocolate Therapy is fantastic because it tries to defy the whole traditional chocolate powder idea. When I think of chocolate powder, I tend to think of maybe adding it into something while I’m baking, and if I’m feeling adventurous maybe I add it directly to my drink. Chocolate Therapy is really more of a seasoning than anything else. Sure, you can add it to your baked goods while you’re making the batter, but sprinkle this onto your pancakes on top of the syrup, or toss it onto food that you’re about to eat and you’ll not be disappointed. And, of course, it goes fantastically well with coffee too.

2) Keto Cocoa by Key Nutrients

keto cocoa by key nutrients is a great cocoa powder for coffee without the sugar

For those of you into health and fitness, you are probably no stranger to paleo diets or keto diets. Both of those require essentially skipping over sugar, which can be found in lots of different cocoa powders. Thankfully, Key Nutrition developed Keto Cocoa to be able to help you get the delicious chocolate flavor without worrying about the sugar rush. Diabetics, rejoice as well; no sugar means no worries for you! For the sugar conscious, you have found your best cocoa powder for coffee in Keto Cocoa.

3) Cocotropic by Wild Foods

cocotropic best cocoa powder for coffee

Now Cocotropic is something a little out of the ordinary, but something completely fantastic. Cocotropic really focuses on the healthy effects of cocoa, as well as how to best boost you cognitively. It is like a healthy super mix of chocolate and other health foods, all ready to be mixed into a drink for you. Now, it can be mixed by itself into warm water, but I really like it with some coffee (of course!). If you are mixing this into coffee though, I don’t recommend pouring the whole pouch into one mug, especially if you have never a cognitive enhancer before. Grab a teaspoon or two, mix it in, give it a sip, and see how you react, and adjust day by day. Lots of people think it tastes great, and leaves them feeling amazing and super focused.

4) Sweet Ground White Chocolate by Ghirardelli

Sweet Ground White Chocolate by Ghirardelli best cocoa powder for coffee with white chocolate

Now, for anyone who knows anything about chocolate, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the powerhouse Ghirardelli. Well, what you might not have tried is their sweet ground white chocolate. This is for you white chocolate lovers out there, or for those of you that have coffees with a tinge of vanilla in them. It is high quality, it is delicious, and not many people think of adding white chocolate to their coffees. Those people are missing out, check it out on Ghirardelli’s website today.

Did we miss any of your favorites? What do you think is the best cocoa powder for coffee? And, of course, if you are looking for delicious coffee to match with these tasty titans, you know Match Made Coffee is there with you- and with flavor paired cookies that will go well with your chocolate enhanced experience as well.