Gywneth Paltrow has been no stranger to highly questionable health recommendations.  Her new brand, Goop, recently recommended a product that performs coffee enemas as a way to detox.

Yep, coffee in the butt.

It is unfortunate that I have to put this disclaimer here, but there is no science to back up detoxification diets or methods of any kind.  So, sorry to say, but no peer-reviewed science to date shows detoxing as having any benefits.

When we heard that Paltrow’s site was recommending a form of detox, all we did initially was laugh.  After all, Goop won the award for worst pseudoscience of the year.

coffee enemas?  You tried it?  Gotcha!

coffee enemas? You tried it? Gotcha!

To give you an idea of how crazy their recommendations go, Goop has recommended everything from Psychic Vampire Repellent (yes, really), to “wearable stickers that heal your body“, and even jade eggs to insert into a specific orifice (can you guess which one?).

What is crazy though is that people actually follow her company’s recommendations.

Her site specifically recommends the coffee enemas only be done by people ‘who know what they are doing.’  I believe the people who actually know what they are doing are not shooting morning beverages of any kind into their rear end though.

coffee enemas recommended by Goop

Seems easy enough- there are only 2 ends. Just don’t do it with boiling hot coffee. Right? Please be right.

I really hope that the only people frequenting her site and newsletter are those that click out of morbid curiosity.  I mean, we are guilty as charged there.  Probably even more guilty because we just linked to them.

But, the crazy thing is that Goop is making money A LOT of money selling this stuff.

If you didn’t listen to the Harvard link telling you that detoxes don’t work, then how about the National Institute for Health saying it?

But, that is just us and science weighing in.  What do you guys think?  Should Match Made Coffee include in our coffee store the $135 Implantorama for coffee enemas or just keep sticking to coffee and cookie related items?

Tell us.  We really want to measure the level of crazy in our readership.