5 Unique Things To Add To Coffee

Are you looking for interesting ways to spice up your coffee drink in the morning (or afternoon, or night, we don’t judge)? You may have heard of a few of these, but we’ll give you the reasons why they work, and what to expect.  Here are some unique things to add to coffee:

1) Salt

Yes, salt.  Only add salt to your coffee if you are taking your coffee black, otherwise you will just end up with a salty beverage.  Salt helps cut into the bitterness of coffee, whereas sweet flavors just mask it with overpowering sweetness.

For those of you that want to start tasting coffee closer to what it is, as opposed to the sugar and creamer and various flavors added to it, this is your new go-to method. It can be tough to jump straight to plain black coffee.  So ease into it by either adding a pinch of salt to your coffee grounds before brewing, or into the coffee itself afterwards, and you might be surprised.

2) Butter

Yes, you might think after our slightly negative article about the Bulletproof Diet that we might shun butter.  Actually, butter can be quite great in coffee, just take it easy and don’t use it as a meal replacement.  A small spoonful can help add a milkiness to your morning coffee that you are not used to, without overwhelming the flavor profile of the coffee.

3) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil comes from the same place as the butter recommendation.  However, some people see it as a slightly healthier alternative to your traditional butters and oils.  Coconut oil does have a stronger taste that is likely to influence the taste of your coffee, however.  So, only use this if you are already adding in other flavors, or a decent amount of milk or creamer anyways.

4) Tonic Water


Tonic water is added to coffee generally to cut into the bitterness of the coffee.  However, with the growth of nitro coffee you might find the bubbles refreshing.  Serving coffee over tonic water and ice is also popular in Sweden and elsewhere.  So, if you want a cool, iced coffee drink that is served black otherwise, give that recipe a chance for sure.

5) Vanilla Extract

If you are into flavoring your coffees (we’re not judging), then there are better ways to go about it that do not involve loading up on sugars.  Vanilla extract is fairly healthy in and of itself, and also gives a potent vanilla kick.  So, if you are accustomed to adding in flavored creamers, consider vanilla extra instead.

Are there any other additions and tips that you guys have?  Anything counterintuitive that you add to your coffee?  If you are looking for some coffee recipes to get a little more wild, then head over to this article if peppermint coffee sounds like something up your alley.