What is the best coffee in the world?

Coffee has been around for about 1000 years now. But it was not until the last century where it really started to become easy to make coffee at home. And not until the last couple decades where it has been easy to manufacture and distribute it at a cost that made everyone demand it as part of their morning rituals.  So, for having been around for such a long time, we should have a pretty good idea of what is the best coffee in the world, right?

Well, that part depends on you and what you are looking for. Some people define their best coffee as the one that wakes them up the most. Caffeine, and perhaps lack of the jitters is what defines their top coffee. Others just want a tasty treat to get them by, by mixing in sugar, creamer, and whatever other mixtures it takes.

Then there are those who want the flavor to pop, but want it black. Measuring everything from the grind size, to extraction method, to the origin, to insure the best coffee in the world.

Others just simply want convenience.

So, first ask yourself, what is it that you are after?

For most that we speak with, they are after a combination of all of the above. They want to know what is something easily made at home, that is not too pricey, that you can mix with your creamer of choice.

Well, even that gives us lots of room to play with.

If your primary goal with your morning coffee is to wake up and be energetic first and foremost, then you will take a slightly different route. You will want a light roasted coffee, as the roasting process removes more caffeine from the beans the longer it goes on.

Lots of your energy, however, will likely be coming from the add-ins; from your extra calories. Don’t skimp on the milk, and if your diet allows it, even the sugar. Treating it like a morning energy shake will be good for you. If you are making it at home, you may not be able to add in extra espresso shots.

But, if you are ordering at a store, go ahead and add that single or double espresso shot. It’ll give you a bigger boost, and you will be surprised how long that caffeine will actually stay in your system.

Now, with that being said, by adding in all of those extras, you are covering up the innate flavors that the coffee beans come with. So, having a pricey, high-end option just does not make sense in that scenario.

Go with a 100% Arabica coffee bean, small batch craft coffee, made with the brew method of your choice, with flavor profiles that match your add-ins.

Now, if you purely want to find the best flavored black coffee on the market, that’s something different.  Giving a step-by-step explanation to having a best, subjective experience is going to require lots of testing on your end.

To do this, you cannot add anything to your coffee at all. If you are not used to black coffee (because you are not a psychopath, haha), then start out with the pour-over method. This will keep the flavors a lot more mellow as you begin to acclimate your taste buds to plain coffee.

Black coffee is an acquired taste.  If you cannot handle black coffee now, begin right away.  If you start doing it now, you will be used to it in no time. The French Press or Aeropress methods will almost certainly be the average coffee drinker’s go-to extraction methods if you become serious about finding your top type of coffee.

Those methods, combined with a manual grind, offer you the most control possible.

Until you get to the point of drinking black coffee, you cannot enjoy the nuances.  Things like country or place of origin of the coffee bean mean little, except for psychologically.

Even a discerning tongue can barely tell roast type through an ingredient-heavy, camouflaged coffee.

Now, until you get to this level of coffee snobbery, you probably could not decipher the difference between a high end coffee maker, and what your run-of-the-mill makers create.

Espressos, after all, are an art-form unto themselves. You can get a really pricey espresso machine, after all.  With those, the skills of the person operating the espresso machine influences the outcome, even.

And, if that is you, that is awesome.

Or, are you the type of person who wants to spare no expense?  Whether it means ordering the top beans online, or flying to another country to find the top coffee place? Well, in that case, we can take the conversation to a whole other level.

But, long story short, a supremely aged coffee bean made from one of the slowest drip processes ever (taking well over an hour to prepare once ordered) has been making the rounds.

That coffee costs an arm and a leg.  It is probably just a once in a lifetime experience (if that) for most of its drinkers.

But, that has made our list as the top coffee so far.

There are also those who are simply seeking out the most unique and exotic coffees, in which case check out this infamous coffee that comes from semi-digested coffee beans.

At the end of the day, the best coffee takes exploration. It is easy for someone to say that “I like what I like.”

And that is true to an extent.

But if you have only tried what has been readily available, you are missing out.  For many it is a tool to be awake, rather than an experience to master and enjoy.  There is plenty of room left to find not just what you like, but what is best for you. We at Match Made Coffee encourage you to find your best coffee in the world.