What is a cookie, and who first made cookies?

Cookies are a delicious snack (one that you are familiar with if you are part of our subscription service) that many of us assume came about relatively recently in human history.

This is not quite true though.  And, if you think about it, it makes sense.

What exactly is a cookie?

Pretty much just a portable dessert or cake, right?


Lets not argue semantics, lets just enjoy cookies

After all, we have hard cookies, soft cookies, and cookies of all shapes and sizes and ingredients.  If it is portable, sugary, and cakey, it must be a cookie, right?

Who made the first cookie-like desserts?

When asking who first made cookies, it should be known that the first known mentions of cookies are traced back to the Middle East.  To be more specific, cookies were first mentioned in the Persian empire during the 7th century.

who first made cookies and painted them?

These are ancient Roman pastries

The Persian empire at the time was the largest and most modern civilization, with trade routes stretching across Eurasia.  Sugar originated from south east Asia, and when the Persians came across it, it quickly spread throughout their lands, and thus across much of the then modern world.

Sugar led to the creation of pastries, cakes, and cookies of all sorts, which Persia quickly became known for.

At that time, Muslims had conquered parts of Europe, bringing cookies with them.  This staple dessert spread all across Europe.  You could find cookies in the 14th century Europe in both street vendors and royal cuisine, as it was so common and popular.

who first made cookies for the Queen of England?

The Queen of England reportedly starts most days off with a biscuit (that’s what British people call cookies)

However, if you went back in time with a time machine and were expecting cookies back then to be like the cookies of today, you would be disappointed.  They were good and raved about, sure.  But, they were prepared differently and generally crisp.

Who made the first cookies that were modern?

It was not until the 18th century that the butter and sugar combination for a less crisp cookie came about.

You have to take modernity and flavor into account when asking who first made cookies.

Even then, the world favorite chocolate chip cookie was invented by accident, and not until the 1930s.  The story goes that Ruth Wakefield, an innkeeper who made cookies at the Toll House Inn, and ran out of nuts and decided to pop in pieces of chocolate instead.  And, as they say, the rest is history.

who first made cookies with chocolate chips?

Refrigeration techniques have improved.  Manufacturing processes are better.  We have ways to make all of the sensitive ingredients last longer.

We are living during a cookie golden age right now, and this is why you should start your days off with coffee and cookies together.

If nothing else, cookies have since become tiny, delicious portable cakes to enjoy on virtually any occasion at almost anytime of day.

who first made cookies in cereal?

And thanks to Cookie Crisp, that now includes breakfast.